AAPL is at Support …

Lots of hand-wringing over the decline in AAPL … poor fools don’t realize it is at support of the A-leg in the ABC corrective move.

AAPL – 65 Minute Chart #1

The Wave 2 for AAPL stopped right at the 1.618x extension target, and we have just pushed down into the 1.272x – 1.618x extension target zone for Wave 3.

AAPL – 65 Minute Chart #2

Price is painting its first dark blue extreme trend strength warning candle … that tells me that historically, price is getting extended here.  Price momentum is actually making a higher low here on this latest push into support.  Is the move near completion on the smaller time frame charts?

AAPL – 15 Minute Chart

I think we are making a low here in AAPL … next move should be a bounce into resistance followed by a final move into a bigger Wave-C support zone.

AAPL – 195 Minute Chart

Where will AAPL find resistance?

AAPL – 65 Minute Chart #2

The above chart shows the POC supply of resistance for the whole move lower off the previous high.

AAPL – 65 Minute Chart #3

The above chart shows the POC supply for the last leg lower after the earnings release on Nov 1st.

Best of luck everyone …

Cheers … Leaf_West

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