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My name is Kevin Klassen, and this blog site is the online journal of my trading and investing thoughts.  Your first step in visiting this site would be to review the disclaimer I have written and attached under its own tab on the web site.

I am a full-time retail trader that is turning 55 years of age later this year, and as such, I am getting towards the back-end of my investing life-cycle.  That means I am becoming more and more risk averse, and I am becoming more and more focused on maintaining a steady stream of monthly income.  You will, therefore, notice a bias towards this type of investing when reviewing my blog posts.

I am both a Chartered Accountant (Canada’s equivalent of a CPA) and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and I have been trading full-time since the spring of 2001.  Before that, my career saw me managing Canadian equity and bond mutual funds for a publicly-traded Mutual Fund Company based in Toronto.  Prior to that, I was lucky enough to work in private equity with a large Canadian Insurance Company and in Corporate Finance with Merrill Lynch Canada.

In the past, I have had a couple of other trade journals that I have maintained on the internet (tradingwithleafwest.com and charts-by-leaf.com).  For various reasons (typically the start of golf season here in Canada), I let those sites lapse and fade away when the web-hosting services came up for renewal.  My intent is to keep this site up going forward.  To help me again with the site and hopefully more of the content will be my friend Francisco Garma … he is someone who I have met via my earlier websites and I trust both him and his investment outlooks immensely.  He is a good student of Elliott Wave theory, and as such, his blog postings should give readers another way to look at the markets.

I utilize the “Leaf_West” handle in all of my social accounts … I lived about 15 years in Toronto during my adult life, and as such, like any other Canadian sport-loving male would do, I grew to love the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I have been living back in the central part of Canada since 2001, and that is why I have taken the name of Leaf_West on my social accounts.

If you would like to tell me about your own trading journey or if you have any specific questions you believe I may be able to help you with, feel free to email me (click here).


The above picture is of me (on the right) and Francisco while I was playing golf in Palm Springs in December 2016.  He made a wimpy bet about a certain stock and suckered me into a low-odds trade bet.  I decided to frame a $10 Canadian bill and pay the bet off that way since he would just have spent any other method of payment on his daily Starbucks visits.

Yes I know I am much more handsome than he is, but I still am proud to call him a dear friend.


Leaf_West/Kevin Klassen

August 25, 2017