Can You Say “Bankwupt”??

TSLA Daily Chart

Price is pushing for the third time in the last little while to break down below the broadening price pattern in TSLA … with the almost $1 billion convertible junk debt deal maturing this March with a conversion price around $360, I think the writing is on the wall for Elon …

One of the biggest things I don’t understand is all of the stories about how owners of new TSLA can’t get the final VIN’s from TSLA so they can register their car and get loans against them/get them officially registered. Some of the stories I have read imply a big ponzi scheme where Elon is taking advantage of secured lines of credit and the actual cash from the sale of the cars to try and keep things afloat. By delaying the release of the VINs Elon is able to ineffect get paid twice for the car – this only works for so long however, and I think the next 6 months will see TSLA collapse and end up only seeing the brand saved by a sale to an existing car manufacurer. What price will that happen at?

TSLA Weekly Chart

Maybe $150 – $200 a share?

Cheers … Leaf_West

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