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The golf season is nearing its last stretch drive here in Canada, so I decided to restart my investment blog.  Much like my prior blog sites, this one will focus on trade set-ups and trade education concepts.  Take time to read the disclaimer and my bio.  If you like, drop me a line and tell me what you would like me to cover as we go forward into what could be an interesting time to be a trader.

Cheers … Leaf_West

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  1. I followed you a few years ago, was a member of your site then and learned a lot about wave theory from you. I employ some of the stuff I learned from you today. Just wondering why none of the educational stuff you have posted includes wave theory….sadly I had some hard copies of your articles but they got lost in a move.

    • Hi … I plan on getting most if not all of those educational pieces updated and back up on the site over the next several months. Is there any area in particular that you would like to see back up? Cheers

      • Hi Kevin,
        i would like to get access to the previous blog’s PDf files:


        i don’t care if they are outdated, I would just like to read them 🙂

        and any old blog posts that explain VZO

        thank you

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